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HoseTrackTM offers a new degree of safety and reduced risk for the pharmaceutical processing industry, as well as other high purity applications in the food and beverage, cosmetic, chemical, and biomedical sectors. Using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, all process equipment involved with a particular batch of product is monitored from start to finish. HoseTrackTM monitors usage and cleaning cycles to ensure timely maintenance and replacement . . . before parts begin to fail, risk product integrity, and waste time and labor. Briefly stated, HoseTrackTM tracks who did what to each batch and when. It’s a logical approach to tracking all critical process components.
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Equipment Identification & Lifecycle Analysis System

RFID tags attached to process equipment are scanned by reader/writer to track wear related events and update a database, providing an audit trail to assist in the validation process.PET identifies individual process equipment parts such as pumps, hoses, bio-bags, diaphragm valves, filters, and UV lamps and allows recording and storage of critical information, wear-related events such as cleaning cycles/dates and batches of material processed or user-defined events, reducing errors on the production floor. 


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Introducing the first and only read/write RFID (radio frequency identification) tag that can be safely sterilized by gamma radiation – GammaTag. GammaTag provides reliable electronic data storage of single-use bioprocess components and other parts from inception to disposal.
GammaTag is the only read/write RFID tag that maintains data integrity after gamma sterilization.

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We have extended ProcessHQ.com to specifically meet the growing need for managing custom components, such as hose assemblies. Each hose assembly is assigned a unique serial number and recorded in our database. All component information, such as manufacture date, customer purchase order number, part number, etc. is correlated with and stored alongside the serial number. In addition, digital versions of pertinent documents, such as the quality assurance material certificate, passivation certificate, drawings, and images, are also viewable online. The database may be searched by the serial number or the customer PO number to locate the component of interest.