ProcessHQ offers a variety of instrumentation products specifically geared towards high purity applications in biotechnology. These include temperature, pressure, flow and analytical instruments. In addition, we offer customized integration and packaging instrumentation solutions engineered and implemented in-house. 

Pressure: analog, digital gauges, switches, transmitters 
Temperature: analog, digital thermometers, switches, transmitters 
Single-use turbine flow meters 
Analytical: Conductivity, pH, UV, dissolved oxygen 
Custom integrated instrumentation stations 


Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Measurement System

The BioProTT™ Product Range is used to measure the flow rates in industrial applications as well as those on a laboratory scale.

Based on the ultrasonic transit time method, the measurement is non-invasive, meaning without direct contact with the medium and the products are therefore particularly suitable for processes with strict hygienic requirements.

Electronic Component Tracking Solutions

Process Equipment Tracking (PET) 
ProcessHQ CustomDBSM 

Burns Engineering Sanitary Temperature Instrumentation

Burns Sanitary RTD and thermocouple designs offer flexibility for various installations, standard and precision accuracy, and decades of experience across the sanitary industries.  All Burns Sanitary products are designed with the criteria core to the industry in mind;  ASME-BPE, 3-A, SIP, CIP, and electro-polished cleanability.